Thursday, January 22, 2009

I will get you caught up on our lives. Kerry is still with CDF, they have just changed their name to Cal Fire. He is now a Captian at the busiest station in Riverside County. I am very proud of him. He works very hard. Jordan is now in High school, 9th grade. And is doing very well. She is in an accellorated program so when she graduates she will also have 2 years of college done as well. It is demanding but she enjoys a challenge. Tyler is now in the 6th grade middle school. He is in drum line and is very excited about that. He is doing well in all of his classes. Tyler is also in Scouts and really enjoys the camp outs and everything they get to do from hikes to first aide. And that leaves me. I work at a elementary school around the corner from our house. I am only there for a couple of hours everyday but I really enjoy it. Well that is us for now. I am excited about the blog I will be able to update you on our family(Ohana).

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